Lucid Dream Off Eternal Hunting Ground

In this painting I aimed to explore the border between conscious and unconscious, material and eternal – the door which leads from one to another. I took Native Americans’s afterlife concept as a starting point – they believed that after death spirit goes to Eternal Hunting Ground (or Happy Hunting Ground) which resembles the living world but is immaterial (“the Milky Way is the path to it”).

Maria Robertson wrote:

I love this painting, it speaks to me of the journey of life. The totemic creatures and symbols of our imagination are our companions in the flow of time. Colours strike a perfect balance and step backwards and forwards between contrasting hues, land to ocean, night to day. This painting in my minds eye depicts hope and adventure, and could be the journey of the soul watched by our super-ego, or with a broader sweep the journey of humanity overseen by God.

Update 29 Aug 2014

My painting found a new – cozy, atmospheric, and beautifully British – home near Oxford. Maria Robertson was so kind that she even took some photos to share with me:

Lucid Dream Off Eternal Hunting Ground at Maria Robertson's house near Oxford

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