The Floral Storm

With this artwork I continuing my visual exploration of echoes of universal (cosmic) music within ourselves, as well as the relationship between it and our perception of world. The ultimate aim is to track this transcendental melody to its point of infinity-eternity. Each colour and each shape was meditated upon so they would be in harmonious and supplementing relationships with each other as locally as well as across the whole painting.

Everything was painted by hand to preserve vibrations of human hand, which is even more evident on close inspection.

Additional notes:

Canvas: It’s painted on a unique canvas which is a collector’s item by itself. It’s an antique hand-woven material with a beautiful texture which could be seen from certain angles. It was triple primed with a special custom primer. The canvas is stretched over a tough reinforced cardboard.

Frame: white, wooden, restored old frame of the size: 49 x 62 cm (19 x 24.5 inches)

Colours: the colours here are subtle and complicated, so inevitably the artwork will look differently on each monitor.

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