The Polyphonic Mystery of the Old Mansion

The painting was created during the two-week plein-air event “Colours of Light” in Palanga, Lithuania. Curators: Christine Zoromskis and Lithuanian Artists’ Association. Sponsor: Tubinas Hotels.

With this artwork I continuing my visual exploration of universal (cosmic) music within ourselves, how it could be reflected on outer objects, and, ultimately, where it ascents to infinity-eternity. Each colour and each shape was meditated upon so it would be in harmonious and supplementing relationship with each other as locally as well as across the whole painting.

The composition was inspired by an actual old house in Palanga, where lived and painted famous Lithuanian artist Antanas Žmuidzinavičius.

This is the first composition of this same subject. The second version could be viewed here >

Everything was painted by hand to preserve vibrations of human hand, which is even more evident on close inspection.

NOTE: the colours here are subtle and complicated, so inevitably the artwork will look differently on each monitor.

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