Ferry Over The River Of Forgetfulness

Two-and-half-dimensional painting – acrylic on ropes and papier-mâché on canvas

Maria Robertson wrote:

There is something incredibly reflective and comforting about this painting, it is an image of home and belonging. The application of paper mache and string give a sculptural depth to the image. Colours of land, sea and air give the painting a geographical context, a sense of land and sea being connected to a place of belonging. Memories that become stronger in absence. The overall impression is one of looking back, or looking down on a homeland from above. The anchor image on the bottom left feels like a symbol for both travel and security.

Update 9 Sep 2014

The painting found a new home! Now it will happily reside in romantic Paris, near Seine, thanks to Fiona Robertson:

Ferry over the River of Forgetfulness - in Paris with Fiona Robertson

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Fiona Robertson Reply

hello Deivis, I do like your paintings. Some of them remind me of India.
What’s the price of this one?
Best wishes

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