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George Lucas & Yoda pose with The Nose, 1989

George Lucas & Yoda pose with The Nose, 1989

The celebrity photographer Tom Zimberoff took this ‘The Nose’ portrait after a long and serious dozens-of-rolls shooting session in George Lucas’s Skywalker Ranch in Marin County, California, 1989. As a professional shooting for movie posters, magazine covers, and ad campaigns, Tom photographed lots of famous people, including Steve Jobs, president Ronald Reagan, and others. After assignments, he would often ask his subject to wear The Nose – for fun and for his photo business. Ever wondered how Steve Jobs would look with The Nose? Visit the The Nose project on Kickstarter >

Now Tom wants to restore his two-decades old films taken with his medium-format Hasselblad camera and publish a book. But digitizing medium-format negatives for quality large prints is a complicated and expensive business, hence he is asking us for our support.

Want to own a museum-quality print with George Lucas or Steve Jobs? Back Tom Zimberoff on Kickstarter:


Here’s a slideshow with some of his photographs:

Tom Zimberoff’s Kickstarter project >

Tom Zimberoff’s website >

© 1989 Tom Zimberoff all rights reserved.

Note: The photo is published here with the kind permission of Tom Zimberoff



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