Clive Barker's quote on video games:
"I envision a game that has the drama of theatre and the narrative complexity and emotional impact of a novel, but still has all the things a game gives you: making your own path, never being the same game twice. I don't think it's been done yet, but I feel it can be done."
Jericho Downloadable Artwork Book
Jan 9th 2008
Clive Barker's Jericho Downloadable Artwork Book
Codemasters’ artists have compiled a terrific collection of the best artwork pieces from Clive Barker's Jericho. Believe me, you don’t want to miss that!
Get it from the Downloads section now!
The Art of Clive Barker's Jericho
Nov 3rd 2007
The Art of Clive Barker's Jericho
Gaming Today exclusive interview with lead designer Joe Falke:
"The monsters really sprang from Clive’s Mind. He passed us a lot of sketches with background information on each monster and boss which we worked to. We really wanted a realistic, visceral feel to our enemies, and with the power of next-generation consoles and PC technology, we were able to invest heavily in the visuals."
Full interview here
Church and Black in Playboy's Girls of Videogames
Nov 2nd 2007
The Art of Clive Barker's Jericho
The December issue of Playboy hit the streets today featuring the dirty bunny's 4th annual tribute to the hottest video game vixens. "Playing Rough" features images made by the game developers and includes Church and Black from Clive Barker’s Jericho ;)
Check it out
The Times: Raising Hell in the Video Games
Oct 29th 2007
Clive Barker's Jericho- Raising Hell in the Video Games- The Times interview
In the interview called "Vintage Violence", Clive Barker tells The Times about his plans:
Barker is planning more projects with the Warwickshire-based developer Codemasters. A Jericho sequel is one plan. "I’ve already told Code-masters where the next game will head," he says. "It starts on an aircraft carrier in the middle of the ocean, with 666 children in the hold..."
Read the interview
The Great Revelations Giveaway
Oct 28th 2007
Just send an email to the official fan site of Clive Barker- Revelations- and you will have a chance to win the game (platform of your choice!) or Jericho t-shirt! The Great Revelations Giveaway closes 17 Nov 2007, so hurry up!
Visit now Revelations Giveaway!
Oct 25th 2007
► "Magic powers, awesome guns and multiple characters… What more could you want?" – 8 out of 10, IGN (UK)
► "The game's kinky, bondage-loving knife-wielding zombies help set the game apart in a crowded market" – Empire, «««« (UK)
► "The gaming equivalent of a page turner"– FHM, «««« (UK)
► "Definitely one that all horror fans should check out"– Eurogamer
► "A horror game that's very gory, very violent"– Johnny Minkley, Radio One (UK)
► "One of the most intriguing and just plain different games to come along in years" – Play, 84% (UK)
► "A gross out filled squad based first-person shooter that packs as much action as it scares. Stellar!"– PSW (UK)
► "One of the best shooters this year. Jericho is a delectable treat that will make it feel like Halloween" –, 9 out of 10 (USA)
► "The game looks and sounds terrific, and it has a cool popcorn-movie-with-a-brain story... Clive Barker should develop more games."– Play, 8 (USA)
► "Battle an ancient evil hellbent on destruction in this shooter from the famed horror guru"– Maxim (USA)
► "Clive Barker at last brings his signature brand of bloody imagination to a major video game"– Animation (USA)
► "It's a thrilling and atmospheric experience that is so viscerally satisfying"– Spin, 4/5 (USA)
► "A poop-your-pants-scary video game"– Stuff (USA)
► "Scariest videogame EVER!"– PC Gamer (USA)
► "Gorgeous ambiance"– PC Jeux (France)
► "Jericho is one of the most energetic games available on PS3"- Official PlayStation (France)
► "Barker is a master when it comes to thrilling and disgusting things"–
► "Clive Barker's Jericho is a delightful entertainment for all flesh lovers"– (France)
► "Blood and guts splash on the screen in this game that honors the next-gen consoles"– (France)
► "Adults have to buy until the game gets banned! A bloodthirsty travel through the abyss."– PC Action (Germany)
► "We’ve never seen such horrible and gruesome monsters in a game before... That's how it should be with a horror game with Clive Barker's name on it"– Play-Zone (Germany)
► "A tactical shooter paired with id software-like demons– horror fans will love that"– PC Games (Germany)
► "Jericho is graphically captivating and encouraging. Its passion for detail and its no-nonsense worship for the sick and bloody are, definitely, to be praised"– SuperJuegos Extreme, 85 (Spain)
► " A sublime atmosphere, exquisite character designs and an exciting story... An intense experience full of surprises and great moments"– Meristation, 8/10 (Spain)
► "Extremely detailed settings... all the graphics reach a great level"– Official PlayStation, 8.5 (Spain)
► "Amazing graphics, beautiful music: Excellent!"– Gameparty, 88 (Benelux)
► "One big enjoyable, fearful thrill"– Power Unlimited, 80 (Holland)
► "Jericho is the big surprise of this fall!"– Gamekings (Benelux)
► "Unique weapons, special forces and the most gruesome monsters ever"– Official PlayStation, Benelux
► "You HAVE to buy this game if you love horror", Gunk (Benelux)
► "Excellent character design!"– The Games Machine, 88 (Italy)
► "An involving setting, a creative plot and intriguing gameplay"– PlayGeneration, 83 (Italy)
► "Welcome to the sickest game since 'Guess that >beep!< With Your Mouth"– Zoo Weekly, 100% (Australia)
► "Jericho is simply amazing and one of the best horror games of 2007"–, 8.4 (Australia)
► "An unnerving freak fest with grotesque monsters and hellish décor!"– New Age Gamer (South Africa)
► "The darkest shooter that we have ever played"- Official PlayStation PS2 official (Greece)
► "Definitely is not a game for fearful, as blood is everywhere and the most disgusting creatures are appearing from anywhere"– Games 87% (Greece)
Clive Barker's Jericho launches at retail stores in the UK, across Europe and all PAL regions tomorrow, Friday 26th and it's already shipping to retail stores across the U.S.
Jericho TV Advert (US)
Oct 23rd 2007
Clive Barker's Jericho- television and cinema advert (US)
Now you can watch the newly made television/cinema advert for Jericho on our website! Don't miss it- the video is short but sweet!
Click here to unleash the horror
Exclusive Greetings From Actor Oliver Smith!
Oct 23rd 2007
Greetings From Actor Oliver Smith
Oliver Smith– the actor that provided the voice-over for our Jericho TV and Cinema advert– has very kindly recorded a special and highly exclusive message for you!

Oliver actually appeared as "Frank the Monster" in Hellraiser and Hellraiser 2– so the connection here is uncanny!
Download Oliver Smith's message! [.MP3]
(Right click the link and select Save Target As...)
More about Oliver Smith
Jo Whiley Show on Radio 1: "It’s very, very gory"
Oct 23rd 2007
My friend *hacker* Mr. S passed me a radio record about Clive Barker’s Jericho- that's Jo Whiley Show on Radio 1!

"He’s the latest big Holywood guy to fall in love with gaming"
"He’s decided that game is an incredible medium"
"It’s very, very gory, very violent, 18 rated, it’s an adult game"
"He’s quite an ill guy"
"If you are fan of his work and you want to see what his mind’s like in video game I recommend checking it out"

Download the record now! [.MP3]
(right click and select Save Link As...)
More reviews!
Oct 22nd 2007
IGN 8/10 - "An unsettling all-action shooter with a twisted plot and an innovative character-switching mechanic"
"Jericho is a unique and intense addition to the highly competitive FPS market"
"Magic powers, awesome guns and multiple characters... What more could you want."

Play (US) 8 out of 10 - "The game looks and sounds terrific, and it has a cool popcorn-movie-with-a-brain story and superb voice work... Clive Barker should develop more games."

Play UK mag 84/100 - "A gory treat" "One of the most intriguing and just plain different games to come along in years" 8.4 out of 10 - "Jericho is simply amazing- one of those games FPS and Horror fanatics must check out."

The Clive Barker Interview Part 1/4 on
Oct 22nd 2007
Excerpt from the awesome interview:

N'Gai Croal: Where did the idea for Jericho come from? Where did it begin?

C.Barker: From two sources. A long time ago I found some books by a guy called Wilfred Thesiger, an Englishman, who was the first man—the first white man—to cross the Rub' al Khali [part of the Arabian Desert]. The word means "the Empty Quarter"; the emptiest place on the planet. Thesiger crossed in the '20s and then again in the '30s, and it was thought to be basically impossible. Even the Bedouin, who obviously were very familiar with it—this was their country, their land—went only in extremis. If they really, really had to, they crossed it.

And just a little aside on the Thesiger thing: I decided I wanted to use this image of emptiness and I used it first in a book called "Weaveworld", which I wrote back in the '80s.
Full interview here
First US Review in Play Magazine!
Oct 18th 2007
Hot off the press Play Magazine's November issue contains the first US Clive Barker's Jericho review– and it's a praise-laden 8 out of 10! According to Play, "Mercury steam and Barker have conceived a fine plot and a Hollywood-worthy squad of modern-day warrior mages" and "it has a cool popcorn-movie-with-a-brain story and superb voice work".

"The game looks and sounds terrific"
"Creepy and intense"
"Clive Barker should develop more games"
"It's easy to recommend Jericho"

Play Magazine's November issue is in US stores now.
Mega-Interview with Clive Barker at IGN
Oct 14th 2007
"<...> the Rub' al Khali- this isn't my first visit to the "Empty Quarter". I did a novel called Weaveworld, the final portions of which are set in the Rub' al Khali because it's the place where, in the book, Eden was supposed to have stood; and the angel Uriel, who guarded the garden with a flaming sword, is a major character in that novel... I wanted to visit the Empty Quarter again... And so Codemasters and Mercury Steam made these images- these gorgeous images. And terrifying."
Read the interview at IGN
Jericho PS3 Game and T-Shirt Competition at ThreeSpeech
Oct 12th 2007
Don’t miss the chance- you could be the lucky one! There are 3 sets of prizes to give away- just answer the simple question!
* UK residents only
Go for it!
Updated Hands-On at Gamespot
Oct 10th 2007
Grab your torch and gun, Gamespot crawls around in the dark with upcoming horror-themed shooter Clive Barker's Jericho!
Some quotes from the article:
+ "The environment plays a huge role in Jericho, and in suitable horror-styling, you'll spend a lot of your time crawling around in the dark."
+ "Without spoiling the storyline, you will encounter other AI controlled players within the environment."
+ "<...> becomes crucial to your survival, especially with enemies often killing you with a single blow."
Read the preview on Gamespot!
Happy Birthday Clive Barker!
Oct 5th 2007
That’s right! Today, October 5th, is Clive’s Birthday! And for this very special occasion I cooked the very special birthday cake! :)
The Birthday Cake for Clive Barker!
More about Clive Barker
Fansite contest winner
Oct 5th 2007

With some truly stunning entries, the decision was tough. In the end there was a very close call amongst four sites however the deciding votes were cast and we can now reveal that the winner of the grand prize is:

Clive Barker's Jericho fansite -

Congratulations to Dee Slavinskas for this really fantastic entry. We were all extremely impressed with your skills and design, we thought the site was extremely stylish and very well executed. It was a very slick piece of work! Well done!
Click here to read the official news!
New classified material
Oct 4th 2007
The UK Security Service just received new classified material about Jericho's member Cole and the new operation area- World War II time slice. The information is followed by new spy shots and secret videos that prove the acquired facts.
Click here if you dare!
Turn the sound on!
Oct 3rd 2007
One more dimension was added to this site- the sound effects. These are in random order and with random interval played sounds, and I hope you will enjoy their created symphony.
By the way, this new feature works with Screenshots Gallery the best- it became almost a multimedia comics!
Sound effects in Screenshots Gallery
"Games are much more literary than movies"
Oct 2nd 2007
Clive Barker’s interview on GameSpy UK.
GameSpy: What do you think games let storytellers do that movies don't?
Clive Barker: Movies typically don't have time for things like length, complexity, or elaboration on mythology. When you step out of a movie, four hundred new people walk in, and exactly the same movie plays out. But a game can reflect your personal tastes and can shape itself to you the way a novel does, and this is happening more as the technology advances. Games are actually much more literary than movies; movies are just passive.
Read the interview
Win a copy of Jericho or the Official T-shirt!
Oct 2nd 2007
Try your luck at Frank the Monkey Jericho Competition and you could win a copy of the game for PS3 or the official T-Shirt!
And if you are UK mainland resident, don’t forget to check out MSXbox World- they are giving away 3 copies of Jericho (apparently, for Xbox360!) and 3 Jericho T-Shirts
Frank the Monkey Jericho Competition
MSXbox World Exclusive Jericho Competition
The horror maestro Clive Barker talks about his foray into war games
Oct 1st 2007
Recently Clive Barker was interviewed by the folks from Wizard Entertainment.
WIZARD: What sparked your interest in war video games?
BARKER: It's the intensity you feel. You see a very intense, real experience. Very often, horror games are spoiled by kitsch and camp, or they feel like somebody else's story all over again. It's Transylvania or Jekyll and Hyde by another name. And I think the player deserves something more than that. In my books, paintings and movies I've always tried to find imagery, which was new.
Click here to read the interview
Jericho Playable Demo is Available Now!
Sep 27th 2007
Action, shooter, horror and Clive Barker fans– prepare yourselves to take on the darkest evil from the depths Clive Barker’s mind – and then blast its face off with a hail of gunfire and supernatural powers as Codemasters announces the release the playable demo for Clive Barker’s Jericho™. The demo is now available* from Xbox LIVE® Marketplace for the Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system from Microsoft® and the PLAYSTATION®Network for the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system.
Download your copy of the demo now!
More horror from Clive Barker
Sep 27th 2007
Watch out for the "Subway Butcher"! You will meet him in the upcoming film "Midnight meet train" (2008) which is based on Clive Barker's 1984 short story of the same name (collection of short stories Books of Blood).
Watch the trailer at
More information at
The Voice from Hell
Sep 27th 2007
Switch on the lights and ask somebody to hold your hand before you can start listening to this audio excerpt read by Clive Barker! And after don't forget to check out the section about Clive Barker for freshly added photos, text excerpts, audio downloads and more.
Clive Barker reads a chapter from "Abarat- Days of Magic, Nights of War" [.MP3]
x360a Exclusive Interview with Raul Rubio from Mercury Steam
Sep 27th 2007
The folks from x360a recently had the opportunity to put some questions to Raul Rubio from the Mercury Steam design team. In the interview Raul talked about the game's development process and the challenges encountered on the way.

"It must be a real experience working with Mr Barker. Has he had much input throughout the whole process?"
"Absolutely. Clive Barker not only created the story; he also supervised each aspect of the project, giving his approval on each step we made to make sure the development went the right direction."
Read the interview (Highly recommended!)
Clive Barker talks Jericho in podcast "Can video games be art?"
Sep 27th 2007
Scott Steinberg from Digital Trends recently sat down with Clive Barker for a chat about Jericho. Thanks to the wonders of technology this interview was recorded and is available as a podcast MP3 from
Download the interview [.MP3] (Right click and press 'Save link as')
Demo release date announced!
Sep 25th 200
It's the news that all of you have been waiting for, today we announce the release date for the Clive Barker's Jericho demos!
From the press release:Set to unleash a fright fest of supernatural horrors this week, Codemasters has revealed a new Clive Barker’s Jericho™ video, which takes gamers up close with some the title’s most demonic foes, and has scheduled the playable demo to be available this Thursday, September 27th.
Check out the latest video
Brand new Jericho preview at Game Tap!
Sep 21st 2007
The folks from Game Tap have just released their hands on preview of Clive Barker's Jericho. They said:
"The story's ungodly concoction of unrelenting horror and the developer's unusual squad-based tactical shooting aspects distinguish this game from any others."
Read the preview
Fangoria interviews Clive Barker
Sep 18th 2007
We've got wind of another interview with Clive Barker, this time hosted by the Horror site, Fangoria. They managed to get their hands on some rather nice artwork to go along with the interview too so click here to read what Mr. Barker had to say about Jericho.
Read the interview
New Interview with Clive Barker at Revelations
Sep 17th 2007
Phil and Sarah, the folks that run the official Clive Barker fansite have just posted the latest in their "Revelatory Interviews", which is a series of intimate, close-up interviews with the great man. In this latest chat, they discuss everything from Hellraiser, the past, the future and of course, Jericho! To read this insightful article and to see some very curious artwork and pictures, visit the site.
Read the article
Clive Barker's Jericho Hands-on at IGN
Sep 11th 2007
The guys and gals from IGN sat down earlier this week to write their Hands-on preview. They said:
"Jericho is shaping up to be a definite treat when it lurches onto PS3, Xbox 360 and PC this Halloween."
Click here to read the preview
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